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Zooface - GIF Animal Morph

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Updated 2018-05-24
Version 1.3.6
APK Size 16.4 MB
Requires 4.0+

Zooface - GIF Animal Face Morph : Change your face into animal face with GIF Animation!
It can be easily morph into animal face with the face. 
You just need the face photo and watch the animal morph like magic.

It's very simple. Just follow steps.
1. Touch 'START'
2. Select Face photo. It will be automatic recognition.
3. Select the animal.
4. Watch Magical Face Morph!
5. Touch screen and share as Still Photo or GIF Animation.

You can save as:
1. Face blend mode : Touch the screen and select "Share as pic"
2. Face morph mode : Touch the screen and select "Share as GIF" or "Save as GIF". It will be save Face morphing GIF animation.
30+ Animals and coming!
You can make the animal face easily!


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