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Why The Babbit's Nose Twitches

THE Frog was jealous of the Rabbit's reputation for wisdom, and planned to make the Rabbit the laughing-stock of the jungle. So, he hid himself underneath a stone and when he saw the Rabbit coming along leisurely, the Frog hallowed in a loud voice "Ong-Ing'.
         The Rabbit jumped one cubit into the air and then ran away in fright. As he ran, he knocked down a Pumpkin. The Pumpkin rolled down the slope to a Sossaman field and bumped against a Sossaman Plant, scattering the Sossaman seeds. The Wild Fowl happened to be flying over the spot, and some of the seeds got into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. The Wild Fowl alighted on a Bamboo Plant. The Bamboo broke and fell on a Snake who was sleeping underneath. The Snake ran away in fright and bumped against the Wild Pig who was quietly eating a Cucumber. The Wild Pig dropped it in fright, and the Cucumber fell into the nearby pool. There was a Naga-dragon sleeping at the bottom of the pool, and he felt very annoyed at being disturbed by the Cucumber.
 "You shall die said the Naga to the Cucumber.
 Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir replied the Cucumber," I am not to blame. The Wild Pig pushed me in.
 "The Naga left the pool and soon caught the Pig" You shall die said the Naga.
"Oh Sir, Oh Sir," replied the Pig, "I am not to blame. The snake bumped against me. The Naga chased the snake and soon caught him." You shall die said the Naga.

"Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir," replied the Snake, "I am not to blame. The Bamboo fell on me.
 The Naga to the Bamboo and shall die.'
 "Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir, 'replied the Bamboo," I am not to blame. The Wild Fowl alighted on me.'
 The Naga soon caught the Wild Fowl and said, "You shall die. '
 "Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir replied the Wild Fowl, the Sossaman Plant threw his seeds into my eyes and blinded me. '
The Naga went to the Sossaman Plant and said, "You shall die. '
 "Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir, 'replied the Sossaman Plant" I am not to blame. The Pumpkin bumped into me.

"The Naga soon found the Pumpkin, and said,
“You shall die”.
 Oh, sir, oh, Sir replied the Pumpkin, "the Rabbit knocked me down.
 The Naga found the Rabbit and said, 'You shall die.'
 "Oh, Sir, Oh, Sir, 'replied the Rabbit," I am not to blame, A Monster from under a stone frightened me.’
The Naga went and looked under the stone, but as the Frog had fled, he could not find anything under the stone, The Naga went back to the Rabbit, and said, 'You little liar, there was no monster, and you shall die, "The poor Rabbit stood there trembling from head to foot, and his nose twitched and twitched in fright. The Naga roared with laughter to see the Rabbit's nose twitching and, recovering his temper, he went back to his pool. And even at the present day, the Rabbit's nose is forever twitching.

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