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The Three Foolish Animals

 THE WISE RABBIT sat under a tree and pondered on life in general. He said to himself, "The world is full of difficulties and dangers. First, there are natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and landslides and storms. Second, there is always the danger of famine, of shortage of food and water Third, there the danger of thieves and robbers. He then remembered an important appointment and went away.

Unknown to him, three animals had been listening to him, namely, the Lapwing, the Earthworm, and the Monkey. They were very foolish animals, and they became panic-stricken at the words of the Rabbit. The Lapwing thought in particular of natural catastrophes and with tears he said, "What if the sky should fall on me when I am asleep? If it should fall when I am awake at least I can fly away, but if it should fall when I am asleep I shall be crushed to death.'

 The Earthworm thought specially of the danger of famine, and with tears he said, 'What if there should be a shortage of soil which is my food? I shall die, I shall die.'

The Monkey thought in particular of thieves, and with tears he said, "The earth is my most valuable property, but at night I leave it to sleep aloft in a tree What if thieves and robbers should come and steal the earth while I am asleep?'

From that time onwards, the Lapwing sleep on sky back with his two little legs in the air, so that if the sky should fall the legs would support the fallen sky; the Earth case there vomits out the soil after eating it, in comes should be shortage of soil; and the Monkey down from his tree three times every night, and feels the ground to assure himself that the earth has not been stolen from him.

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